Mass Creation tells us about Shing!

The Settled Down statuette of this year’s Digital Dragons was awarded to Shing! by Mass Creation. The Warsaw-based studio is behind such titles as Draw Slasher and Corridor Z. Shing! is an exciting 3D beat ’em up with pocketfuls of retro inspirations. It stole the hear of this editor primarily because it was almost immediately obvious that the authors love the genre and ...[Czytaj więcej]

Interview with WarSaw Games

WarSaw Games is a studio from… Warsaw and tomorrow – with the help of publisher Fat Dog Games – will release their debut game, Dream Alone, on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Golem Gates – interview with dev

Golem Gates is the debut game of Laser Guided Games. Trying to learn about their production a little more, we asked about some interesting things.

Interview with Björn Pankratz

Björn Pankratz is a project manager and designer at Piranha Bytes. He's also trying to define - especially for you - the concept of a settled-down gamer!

Interview with Chris Avellone

Chris Avellone is an american computer game designer, one of Fallout 2's major developers and Fallout: New Vegas. He answered a few questions exclusively for us.

Interview with John Romero

John Romero – as you propably know – is the man who is recognized on the world scene of video games. The creator of milestones. Read the interview with this important person!