Polish mobile games – December 2016

polish mobile games

A lot of Polish developers create mobile games. Many of these productions are truly remarkable; we decided to gather the most  interesting of them – at least in our subjective opinion – in one place.

We received a huge amount of messages from Polish mobile game developers in December. In our view, some of them are worth installing on your device!


This extremely simple application should interest you. During the game you earn crystals, which can be exchanged for different variants of missiles you will use to destroy protons. I have to admit that the game is quite addictive: an excellent choice for long winter evenings and short visits to the toilet.

117p is avaiable on Google Play or AppStore.

Axe Odyssey

A brave lumberjack visits interesting places, like the Appalachians or Transylvania, where you help him cut down a variety of objects by throwing his axe. During the game, you gain new types of axes to be chosen depending on the type of your opponent. The authors (DevCloud) aimed – and succeeded – at adopting a very pleasant art style. Remember, due to the nature of the production, we do not recommend it to younger players.

Axe Odyssey is avaiable on Google Play.

Find the Melody Christmas

Admittedly, Christmas is already over, but you can still learn music and carols – it’s never too late for that! Gamespol’s production is a nice opportunity for sound lovers. Find the Melody Christmas is the perfect choice for children, especially those with musical aspirations. Not only in December.

Find the Melody Christmas is available on Google Play.

Formula Clicker

Formula Clicker is a manager-like game, in which you focus mainly on improving your car; additionally, you manage your business and facilities, expanding your office, garage or the wind tunnel. For the dollars and other currency you earn (spare parts) you can check the machine performance on a specially prepared track. Formula Clicker has a lot of potential, and I hope that the authors will expand their production.

Formula Clicker is avaiable on Google Play or AppStore.

Jumpin Back 2.0

It’s the year 2019 – Earth is occupied by rebellious machines. Humanities only hope is an unassuming mechanic named Al, who has to run and jump to save his beloved girlfriend. The gameplay is seemingly simple: you control Al as he jumps between elevators moving on the vertical axis at various speeds, while also racing against time and avoiding obstacles. The game has a very simple retro art style, which will most likely appeal to oldschool players.

Jumping Back 2.0 is available on Google Play.

Leappy Dog

The Polish studio Futurum released Leappy Dog quite some time ago on Android devices; last month, after intense work, the game received an iOS port – and it’s good enough to warrant another mention. Leappy Dog is a brilliant, cute, pleasant production with an interesting gameplay mechanic: you help a dog herd sheep by rotating the levels themselves. We recommend this for both older and younger players!

Leappy Dog is available on Google Play.

Pop Clop

Another game were timing and reflexes matter – your goal is to pop the balloons flying on the screen. Doesn’t sound so hard if not for the numerous obstacles and steadily rising difficulty of Studio Gier’s (yes, literally) production. It’s a simple idea, but it really sucks you in! You won’t leave your tablet and smartphone for quite some time.

Pop Clop is available on Google Play.

Prehistoric Blocks

Prehistoric Blocks is an app that forces the player to think as you help a caveman destroy blocks falling at him from the sky – you guide his throws to hit as many blocks as possible. The blocks have varying levels of strength, so you really need to consider how you punt your projectiles; as you play through the game, you will unlock new materials for your rocks, from wood to diamond, which increase the amount of damage. Prehistoric Blocks is an easy recommendation: it’s a really fun and smart puzzle game.

Prehistoric Blocks is available on Google Play and the AppStore.

Zombie Harvester

Zombies have been back in pop culture for quite a while and there’s no sign of that changing. Artmobix’s own take on the zombie game was quite strange, as you’re killing machine is… a combine harvester. Your goal is to “harvest” as many undead as you can, maintaining the state of your combine and avoiding obstacles – high scores allow you to upgrade your doom machine. Zombie Harvester is completely mindless fun – while the game won’t wow you with its visuals, it’ll have you hooked for a long, long time. Highly recommended!

Prehistoric Blocks is available on Google Play and the AppStore.

Adam to ustatkowany gracz z krwi i kości. Mąż, ojciec, a także wieloletni miłośnik elektronicznej rozrywki w formie wszelakiej. Gry wideo traktuje jako coś znacznie powyżej zwykłego hobby, wynosząc je ponad inne pasje – muzykę i książkę – dostrzegając jednocześnie, jak wiele mają one wspólnego z innymi sferami jego zainteresowań.

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