Cyber ​​Sentinel review

Cyber Sentinel

In the near future, in which the action takes place Cyber ​​Sentinel, information has become the most valuable resource. International corporations ongoing disputes over access to government and military patents and contracts. In a race gifted individuals find a way to earn money. In the production of Mindhelix you play as a hacker who lets the secured systems viruses giving him access to valuable data.

Rules of the game in the Cyber ​​Sentinel are very simple. It really is a plan Virus road in such a way that took home the data and reached the designated location on the map. That map is a kind of visualization of the virtual space in which you move.

Mechanics of Cyber ​​Sentinel

First you plan, and then observing the progress. If it turns out that it did not anticipate any situation, you can return to the stage of writing the code and try again. Very useful tutorial explaining the mechanics, making it by far the easier it is to deal with later levels, where the level of difficulty increases as you progress in the game. Complete all 45 levels prepared by the creator of Cyber ​​Sentinel will take you a few, if not several hours. Add to this the map editor, which you can then share with other players. But if you get stuck, you can also look at the available network solutions spreading through the community.

Graphics in Cyber ​​Sentinel is harsh, but it has „something” that makes more than enough to be able to enjoy the game. Slightly worse is the ease of use and intuitive interface. On smaller screens, you might have a hard time hitting the right icon.

If you like puzzle games, warming the gray cells to red, with a pure heart I recommend you Cyber ​​Sentinel. The game is a lot, but giving great satisfaction, challenge. I do not recommend it to younger customers because it can be very frustrating for them.

Click here to download the iOS version.
Click here to download the Android version.

Adam to ustatkowany gracz z krwi i kości. Mąż, ojciec, a także wieloletni miłośnik elektronicznej rozrywki w formie wszelakiej. Gry wideo traktuje jako coś znacznie powyżej zwykłego hobby, wynosząc je ponad inne pasje – muzykę i książkę – dostrzegając jednocześnie, jak wiele mają one wspólnego z innymi sferami jego zainteresowań.

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